Lab Safety Apparel, Supplies, and Furniture

Safety first! Help keep your lab employees safe and comfortable with the latest advancements in safety gear and protective apparel. Not only is safety important, but so is comfort! Long days in the lab can be tiring and The Lab Depot strives to assist in creating a comfortable work environment with a selection of high-quality laboratory seating. Browse through our selection and utilize our laboratory chair configurator tool to customize the exact chair you need for your lab.

Laboratory Safety Apparel, Supplies, and Furniture

Safety and comfort should be a priority for any laboratory facility. Get laboratory apparel, gloves, carts, lab seating, storage organizers, and other laboratory safety supplies such as protective eyewear, disposal boxes, respirators, face masks and more in just a few clicks on The Lab Depot.

The Lab Depot is a veteran-owned business that has been providing lab equipment, laboratory supplies, and lab chemicals to facilities across North America since 1992. Our success and trust-ability in the marketplace provides us access to over 75,000 premium laboratory products from leading manufacturers within the scientific market.

We follows strict quality assurance protocols for all our products so you will always have feel safe in your laboratory. If you have questions or urgent concerns, feel free to contact us or call our customer service line at +1 800-733-2522 (USA Only).

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