Laboratory Instruments

The Lab Depot offers an extensive line of high-quality instruments for all your testing needs. Our wide range of tools include Ph Meters, Microscopes, Thermometers, Refractometers, Hydrometers and many other branded tools you know and trust. Our goal is to provide a selection of well-priced and high-value laboratory instruments that can be used for simple testing to more complex applications.

Lab Instruments

Lab Instruments are the building blocks to innovation. Our inventory of top-of-the-line laboratory instruments can be used to furnish facilities of any level of lab production. Update your lab with just a few clicks!

The Lab Depot has been providing laboratories across North America with Lab Instruments such as the ones you see above since 1992. Our success and trust-ability in the marketplace provides us access to over 75,000 premium laboratory products from leading manufacturers within the scientific market. The best part is that each of our instruments come with full warranties, so you never have to worry about your purchase.

If you have questions or urgent concerns, feel free to contact us or call our customer service line at +1 800-733-2522 (USA Only).

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