Laboratory Equipment

Sourcing the right laboratory equipment is critical to building a functional, reliable lab that works for you for years to come. We’ve made it simple by providing technical product information as well as detailed specifications for our large selection of laboratory equipment. Whether you a looking for an oven, incubator, fume hood, freezer, centrifuge or hotplate, The Lab Depot has all your equipment needs in one convenient location. The Lab Depot is a veteran-owned business that has been providing lab equipment, laboratory supplies, and lab chemicals to facilities across North America since 1992. Our success and trust-ability in the marketplace provides us access to over 75,000 premium laboratory products from leading manufacturers within the scientific market. The Lab Depot follows strict quality assurance protocols for all our products so you will always have confidence in your research & development or quality control results. If you have questions or urgent concerns, feel free to contact us or call our customer service line at +1 800-733-2522 (USA Only).

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