Laboratory Chemicals

Chemicals are being used in labs all over the world for countless applications. We carry thousands of chemicals, including Buffers, Standards, Culture Media, Reagents, High Purity Solvents, Test Solutions, and more. We want to ensure that you can find the product you need, and we’ve grown our Chemical portfolio to match your needs. We’ve also made it easy by providing safety data sheets and chemical ratings, and we are always happy to assist with any specific chemical questions.

Lab Chemicals

Acquiring chemical supplies can be a difficult process for some facilities since shipping chemicals across the United States has become such a highly regulated process. Luckily, The Lab Depot is equipped with special chemical shipping services that allow us to deliver all the chemical supplies you need, right to your facility's doorstep.

At The Lab Depot, we take pride in being able to provide our customers with an extensive range of laboratory chemicals at a fair price. We are a veteran-owned business that has been supplying facilities across North America with lab equipment, laboratory supplies, and lab chemicals since 1992. If you have questions or urgent concerns, feel free to contact us or call our customer service line at +1 800-733-2522 (USA Only).

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